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Tatworth and Forton Community Website (TFCW)
Terms and Conditions for the use of this Website.

  1. The TFCW project team have taken all reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of the  information on this website but we give no warranty regarding such accuracy and make no recommendations  on any other aspect of  the information on the site.

  2. All reasonable steps have been taken to avoid virus contamination of this website, however,  you are recommended to use suitable anti-virus software before downloading information from the site. We do  not accept responsibility for the effects of any virus that may be contracted as a result of visiting this or any linked site.

       3. The copyright in some individual items such as logos, photographs and some text belongs to other parties who 
have allowed us to use them. Reproduction of any part of the contents of this website in any form is prohibited  
            other than in accordance with the terms and conditions in points 4 & 5 below

       4. All logos, product names or company names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners      
and may not be used by other parties without permission.

5. Extracts from this site may be printed or downloaded solely for personal convenience in viewing
            the information on the website.

        6.TFCW  has no control over and accepts no responsibility for  the websites with links from this site.

        7. All views expressed on this site are those of the individual author/s, and not necessarily
             shared by the editorial team. It is not our intention to apply excessive editorial intervention 
             or censorship, but will endeavour to apply common sense in vetting contributions, and
             would advise contributors to be aware of defamation / libel laws when expressing opinions.

        8. All contributions submitted should be appropriate for the context of a village website which can be
accessed by all age groups.

        9.  The Image Gallery: photographs submitted for inclusion should be of general interest.  No photos of an intimate
              or personal nature can be included.  It is regretted that photos that include children cannot be placed on the

      10.  The following will not be allowed:

                              - swearing and other offensive language
                              - any attack on any individual, business or organisation( see 11 below).

                              - no individual or group can alter or influence entries accepted from other contributors.

        11. It is a function of this website to celebrate difference and diversity within our community.  The Steering
              Group will actively discourage any contribution that is perceived to contain any prejudice or discrimination
              against any person or organisation.  However, this clause may exclude information and comments made in the
              interests of the residents of this parish and/or for the  public good.

         12. The Tatworth and Forton Community Website is a community funded project of the Residents Action Group
               and as such is run by volunteers.  The Website Steering Group welcomes your views, contributions and
criticism about  the website.  

If you would like to contact us please use our email address: info @tatworthandforton.co.uk